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The last standing tea clipper in the world, capture an exciting time in history with Handcrafted Model Ship's masterfully constructed Cutty Sark models. Our remarkably life-like Cutty Sark model ships bring that same exhilaration of the high seas to your desk top or living room with stunning woodwork and real canvas sails. From the compact gift-sized 14” Cutty Sark to the towering 50” Cutty Sark, find the perfect model for your collection, the centerpiece to your desk or office, or for a wonderful gift to nautical enthusiasts.

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Since 1954, Wholesale Model Ships is the premier designer and manufacturer of the world’s finest wholesale nautical decor, wholesale cast iron and wholesale Cutty Sark.

Wholesale Model Ships provides the highest quality wholesale home decor and wholesale Cutty Sark at the lowest prices with a 100% money back guarantee.

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HMS : 2002
Items: 1 to 8

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Cutty Sark

Offering five different Cutty Sark ship models to suit every taste and fit every budget:

Cutty Sark 14":  Affordable wood replica of the Cutty Sark.  This model is primarily used as decor.

Cutty Sark 20":  Larger sized with more details than our 14" model.  Priced as the prefect gift for friends or family.

Cutty Sark 27":  Accurate and affordable replica of the Cutty Sark ship model.    Designed to be amazing quality, yet still fit in every home or office.

Cutty Sark 44": A museum quality replica:

  • Increased and more accurate rigging then our regular smaller Cutty Sark ship models.
  • Amazing details: accurate figurehead, name on stern and bow, planked deck with nail holes,
  • Metail railing, accurate figurehead, name and scrollwork on the stern, red and white life preserver and more.
  • High quality fittings such as metal railings, varied thickness and color rigging, planked lifeboats and more

Cutty Sark 44" Limited Edition: For the collector who demands the highest quality and most accurate Cutty Sark available

  • Increased and more accurate rigging then our regular smaller Cutty Sark ship models.
  • Includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by HMS Founder and Master Builder Richard Norris, as only 25 will ever be made.
  • More attention paid to the model throughout the entire production process.
  • Real copper plated hull (not painted on) – just like the actual Cutty Sark. Done to prevent the tordeo worm from destroying the wooden hull.

Comprised of fully assembled Cutty Sark model ships of all sizes, and for all budgets, our fleet of ships are historically accurate, masterfully crafted by ship artisans, and affordable.

Outliving lesser ships and even surviving a disastrous fire, the Cutty Sark is an enduring marvel from the great Age of Sail.  Her perseverance is a testament to her strength, and our painstaking workmanship honors her triumph.  Our limited edition Cutty Sark model ships each feature countless additional details, an authentic copper hull, and a certificate of authenticity.  Showcased on a decorative display table or in a rosewood display case, our Cutty Sark model ship is an elegant addition to the home or office.