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Wooden Christian Radich Limited Model Tall Ship 28

Wooden Christian Radich Limited Model Tall Ship 28"

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Overall Dims: 28" L x 7" W x 16" H

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SKU: B4003

Wooden Christian Radich Limited Model Tall Ship 28"

This Wooden Christian Radich Limited Model Tall Ship 28" displays a wealth of detail parallel to that of the famous tall ship that is still currently sailing the seas today. Own a part of history, as the Christian Radich is a five time winner to the Tall Ships Race and was immortalized in the 1958 international movie release, Windjammer. Setting the bar high in detail, this limited version has extensive details in the deck work, rigging, and a meticulously painted figurehead embodying the heart and spirit of the Christian Radich.

  • Handcrafted from scratch by our master artisans
  • Accurately hand-painted to match the actual tall ship Christian Radich
  • White and blue hull
  • Amazing Details, including:
    • Five authentic scale lifeboats
    • Metal railing used around the vessel
    • Taut rigging with varied thread gauge and color
    • Authentic steering wheels positioned throughout deck
    • Norwegian flag hang from bowsprit and rear rigging
    • Figure head is finely-painted white, blue and gold to match the actual Christian Radich vessel
  • Metal name plate with marble base displaying the tall ship name Christian Radich
  • Extensive research of original plans, historic drawings, paintings, and actual photographs